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Your Podcasting Journey: From Passion to Frustration

You embarked on this podcasting journey fueled by passion and a vision.

You dreamt of influencing thousands, sharing your unique voice, and building a brand that resonates.

But somewhere along the way, the growth plateaued, and the enthusiasm waned. 

What if there was a way to rekindle that fire, amplify your reach, and turn your podcast into a powerhouse?

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for £497 or 3 x £197 Plus VAT

Exclusive Bonuses:

Because You Deserve More

Investment in Your Future For just £497 + VAT, you're not just buying a course; you're investing in your podcast's future.

Flexible payment plans available 3 x £197 Plus VAT.

  • 19 Podcast Expansion Videos: From basics to advanced strategies, these videos cover it all. Valued at £297. Learn how to refine your show.

Why Podcast Growth Accelerator

This isn't just another course.

It's a transformative 6-week program tailored to breathe life into your podcasting dreams.

Here's what's in store:

Experience Enhancer

 Dive deep into the psyche of your listeners. Understand their needs, preferences, and pain points. Craft episodes that they eagerly await.

Clarity Content

No more shooting in the dark.

Learn the art of creating viral content that listeners share, expanding your organic reach.

Podcast Promo 101

Unravel the mysteries of effective podcast marketing. From social media strategies to email campaigns, get the complete toolkit.

Funnel Your Fans

Your podcast is a goldmine. Learn to funnel listeners into your broader business ecosystem, turning passive listeners into active clients.

Guesting Growth

Master the art of being a guest. Use appearances on other podcasts as a springboard for your own show's growth.

Pay to Promote:

Why rely solely on organic growth? Understand the nuances of paid promotions to give your podcast the boost it deserves.

Meet Anna Parker-Naples: Your Podcasting Guru

I'm Anna, a multi-award-winning audio expert, a top 1% global podcast host, and the first British woman to write a book about podcasting. I know the ins and outs of this industry, and I'm here to guide you.

My journey from adversity to success taught me that podcasting is a powerful tool for transformation.

  • Award-Winning Audio Producer: With 15 years in the audio industry, Anna's expertise is unparalleled. Recognized in Hollywood, she's the maestro of sound.

  • Bestselling Author: Dive into 'Podcast with Impact' and 'Get Visible' to get a glimpse of Anna's podcasting wisdom.

  • Chart-Topping Podcaster: Anna's show, Entrepreneurs Get Visible, isn't just another podcast. It's a top-ranking beacon for entrepreneurs worldwide.

Investment in Your Future For just £497 + VAT

Exclusive Bonuses: Because You Deserve More

19 Podcast Expansion Videos: From basics to advanced strategies, these videos cover it all.

Valued at £297.

Learn how to refine your show

Real Stories from Real People: Testimonials


"Anna's knowledge helped me to gain my first ever sponsorship with a significant, aligned brand. This deal was worth thousands and was an excellent partnership for us. Anna knows her stuff about podcasting - highly recommended."

- Catherine Morgan


"I found the process of working with Anna and her team to be incredibly smooth and easy, Anna has a lot of great insights and really helped me clarify my thinking around how to profitise the show."

- Hamish Knox


"I had the entire process and production taken care of...a wingwoman through the entire process and a cheerleader through launch week. A HUGE thank you to Anna for being such a pro at what you do and taking care of this podcast end to end for me, and helping me to make more money."

- Niyc Pidgeon

Are You Ready to Transform Your Podcasting Journey?

This is more than just a course.

It's a revolution. It's the key to unlocking your podcast's potential.

Join us and let's make podcasting magic together!

More Testimonials

Here's what our happy clients have to say about Anna's podcast trainings.

I have had my podcast for years now.

With Anna I had a gazillion epiphanies of what I am doing wrong and why we're not growing the way we should be,  why we're not converting the way I would want this podcast to convert.

I now know how I can restructure not only the episodes in a new way so I can leverage the time and heartfelt energy I'm putting into this podcast, but convert better into our courses and business,  but also how to structure the different topics I want to cover.

There was just so much insight that now for the first time in years doing this podcast, I feel like there's a way to move forward and grow effectively.

Dana Schwandt

I've been podcasting for a few years, but recently was able to access the genius of Anna.

I was blown away by how much she was able to teach me to help me leverage my podcast in ways I'd never dreamed of. Both to build authority in my business, but especially to create sales.

And what I love about the amazing stuff that Anna offers is she is operating well into the future of where podcasting is going rather than where it's been.

So many strategies, tools, tips and done for you  instead of just chasing the trends that everyone else has been doing. 

I feel really equipped and empowered to look at my podcast in a whole new way,  create those tools to not only grow my business, but also deepen the relationships I have with my people and do that in a way that feels really authentic and fulfilling to me.

J. Nicole Smith

Anna’s knowledge around podcasting has exploded my mind with possibilities for growing my long running show.

Her insights into assessing what my audience wants and needs, and the most effective methods for growing the show mean that we are making major adjustments to how we deliver the content, and our promotional activities.

I feel as though I’ve been given the opportunity to give my podcast a new lease of life, and feel excited by creating a deeper connection with my listeners as well as reaching many more.

Dr Erin Fall Haskell

I was so impressed by her depth of knowledge and wisdom expanding the entire journey from start to finish and having to really grow and expand your podcast was phenomenal, so many useful insights and guidance to be able to really use the podcast in so many different ways that I could never have imagined. 

Patricia Lohan

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