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Turn Your Podcast into a Profit Generating Powerhouse!

Welcome to Podcast Profit Maker.

This online course will give you a solid overview of potential ways for you to profit from your podcast, including sponsorship, merchandise and affiliations!

Usual Price - £147


Introducing: Podcast Profit Maker

A self-paced course teaching you to monetize your podcast:-

  • Strategically

  • Effectively

  • Profitably

  • You've launched an impressive podcast.

  • Built an engaged audience.

  • Positioned yourself as a leading voice in your field.

But... are you seeing the returns?

Monetize Your Podcast the RIGHT Way!

Avoid awkward ads and irrelevant promotions.

Keep your audience's trust while generating revenue.

Unlock Your Influence -

Enrol in Podcast Kickstart NOW!

Usual Price - £147


Course Breakdown

In Podcast Profit Maker, you'll gain access to every golden nugget of knowledge

you need to launch a successful podcast.

Here's what you'll learn:

Introduction to Monetisation

Understand the potential routes to profit.

Promoting Your Products & Services

Seamlessly integrate your offerings into your podcast.

Affiliate Partnerships

Build and nurture meaningful, profitable relationships

Sponsorship Mastery

Find, approach, and maintain sponsor relationships.

Merchandising Your Brand

Boost recognition and revenue with branded merchandise.

Audience Engagement

Keep your listeners hooked while introducing monetization strategies.

Meet Your Instructor: Anna Parker-Naples

I'm Anna, a multi-award-winning audio expert, a top 1% global podcast host, and the first British woman to write a book about podcasting. I know the ins and outs of this industry, and I'm here to guide you.

My journey from adversity to success taught me that podcasting is a powerful tool for transformation.

I've walked red carpets in Hollywood and built connections that elevate my status.

Now, I'm ready to share my podcasting knowledge with you.

Podcasting is your opportunity to shine.

Join me in Podcast Profit Maker and unlock your full business potential.

Usual Price - £147


Benefits of Enrolling

In Podcast Profit Maker, you'll gain access to every golden nugget of knowledge

you need to launch a successful podcast:

Expert Guidance:

Learn from a seasoned podcaster with a proven track record.

Strategic Approach:

Monetize without compromising your podcast's integrity.

Diverse Monetization Routes:

Explore various avenues to generate revenue.

Lifetime Access:

Revisit the course as your podcast grows and the industry evolves.

Enrol Now for Just £97 and receive:

  • Profitable Podcast Guesting Course (Value £147)

  • Sponsorship Email Templates (Value £97)

Inside you’ll learn:

  1. How to promote your own products and services effectively.

  2. How to nurture and build meaningful, relevant affiliate partnerships.

  3. How to grow profitable affiliations with two ideal partners: Audible & Amazon.

  4. How to find and approach ideal sponsorship partners.

  5. How to find the perfect sponsorship broker or self-broker deals.

  6. How to create your own merchandise to make money, and promote your brand too!

  7. How to partner with merchandise companies like Redbubble, Teepublic and others.


Here's what our happy clients have to say about Anna's podcast trainings.

The support of Anna podcast knowledge has been the key for the success of our podcast.

Anna's deep knowledge and understanding - that comes together in her step-by-step process has made the possibly overwhelming process of creating an impactful, profitable podcast easy and joyful.

We went from a spontaneous idea of creating a podcast to an amazing product we are super proud of in a couple of months and we have enjoyed every step of the way.

Who knew that could even be possible?

We can really recommend Anna's work and feel very blessed to have worked with her. Live the Impossible Show,

- Susana and Oliver Silverhøj

We can hand on heart say that Anna Parker-Naples is truly masterful when it comes to the world of podcasting.

This is her zone of genius.

She knows how to support and get entrepreneurs visible in the online space.

Using the tools and techniques that Anna provides in her membership - our podcast is still creating a lot of buzz .

Anna is very knowledgeable in what she does and has helped our brand to get seen and heard. I definitely recommend this course for anyone seeking to monetize their podcast show.

Thank you Anna

- Grace Nelson

Anna has given me the confidence and knowledge I need to refine my podcast.

With Anna’s guidance I felt reassured I could do it and I am so proud I did.

The course was invaluable -  the content helped me to create my ideal listener from launching, growing and monetizing your podcast. 

Highly recommended

- Laura Moss

Ready to skyrocket your influence, boost your credibility, and become the go-to authority in your industry?

Look no further!

Welcome to Podcast Profit Maker- your all-in-one guide to

launching a successful podcast and making a lasting impact!

Usual Price - £147


frequently asked questions

Will Monetizing Deter Listeners?

Not if done right! This course ensures you add value without alienating your audience.

Do Podcast Ads Work?

Yes, when chosen strategically. Over 70% of listeners act on podcast ads.

Will The Course Content Stay Relevant?

Yes, with regular updates and lifetime access.

Is Profit Guaranteed?

No guarantees, but this course maximizes your chances.

Must I Use Ads?

No, choose from various monetization strategies covered in the course.

Ready to Elevate and Profit from Your Podcast?


  • Profitable Podcast Guesting Course &

  • Sponsorship Email Templates

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